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I will explain coloured diamonds now.
Most of you may be common with colourless or near colourless gemstones and these could be the most well-liked when a man selects to buy a diamond engagement ring. Nevertheless there's been a developing need recently for coloured gemstones or what we call call in the industry "Natural Fancy Coloured Gemstones"

Coloured diamonds are actually rarer than colourless diamonds and consequently trade in a premium. What happened that these colours are present in the gems?  These colors are present because of the existence of particular trace components including nitrogen, hydrogen, boron etc. which were launched when the gemstones were being created deep inside the earths mantle.

Colored diamonds may be one colour eg yellow, red, blue, reddish or they can have another colour with them eg Orangey Red connected. Colored gemstones with just one color are more costly.

The strength of the color is the main element in driving the cost of a fancy colored gemstone, the stronger the colour the more costly the cost. There's a scale for all colored diamonds, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy extreme, fancy dark and ultimately fancy bright. Elaborate brilliant is probably the most expensive because of its rarity and originality.

The most common coloured diamond might be yellow-colored and thus the most cost-effective, we have sold several diamond wedding rings with canary yellow gemstones as the center rock. The existence of nitrogen give their yellow appearance to these rocks. Next most mined colored gemstones are pink, there's one mine in Sydney that creates most of the sides red gemstones, the mine.

Red-colored gemstones are undoubtedly the rarest of all, these may cost a few zillion bucks per carat! Thanks to the exceptionally high costs these rocks can attain, there are plenty of replicas, if you are considering a purchase of a diamond make certain it is completely licensed by an independent recognised laboratory and that the certification says that the diamond is natural.