A ring can just be a piece of jewellery which is worn on the finger however it can symbolize something much more. It can also indicate your present relationship status as well. Engagement rings are the most popular jewellery pieces with most people indulging into purchasing the ornament at some point of their lives. In the past, rings were worn by women according to the wedding traditions. Over time, the demand for men's engagement rings has also garnered popularity. The exchange of eternity rings has acquired immense importance among marriage customs of various traditions. So, if you think that an engagement ring is just another trivial accessory, then think again. Many people place a high value on such jewellery pieces as these embark the defining moment in a couple’s life. It indicates a promise and marks a sacred journey in the future. A diamond engagement ring implies the solidity and sincerity of the commitment.

Most commonly chosen engagement rings are a simple band with single diamond known as solitaire. The rings come in a variety of styles and designs. Traditional ornamental ring pieces are available in antique settings, emerald, cut, princess cut, round cut with numerous other styles in oval and rectangle getting prevalence. These are designed and carved intricately keeping the special occasion or you and your special someone in mind. It is stated that more unique and precise the cuts are more the amount of light refracts from the ring surface. The sparkle emitted will strengthen your relationship offering serenity and purity to the moment. Colourless diamonds are the most highly coveted as these allow for intense refraction of light. However, it is important to conduct thorough research to refrain from purchasing an engagement ring with artificial diamond which will lose its lustre in a short span of time. A careful consideration and understanding the guidelines before reaching for your wallet ensures that you do not fall into such traps.

It is advisable to purchase your engagement ring from a renowned and prestigious store. Make sure that they issue a certificate for the diamond ring. This certification indicates the weight and size of the diamond or even emerald rings. Engagement rings London suppliers conduct a proper search for quality gemstones prior to embedding these on precious metals. The jewellery pieces specifically undergo a check for purity under qualified and experienced gemmologist. Ensure to check for the cut, quality, colour and clarity when choosing an engagement ring for your loved one. Solitaires fall on the expensive side due to the rarity so must be checked for genuineness before purchasing. Also, make that that you obtain a certificate whenever buying jewelleries in precious metals and gemstones that certify their purity.

Choosing engagement rings hatton garden jewellers allows you to design your own customized rings for the occasion. These professional jewellery makers provide an insight into the ring size guide, styles available, size and colours of diamonds that can be placed on the ring designs. They have a huge variety of precious and semi-precious metals like gold, platinum and even white gold on offer. There might be many stores that offer money back guarantee, make sure to check their credentials. Buy metals that are certified and hallmarked by well-established engagement rings London stores.